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The ministers are unveiling a plan to address the care crisis which would allow pensioners to wait until their deaths for paying the rocketing care home fees.

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The plan would mean the elderly could apply for a government backed loan to fund their care needs but the loan amount will have to be re paid by the children or relatives of the loved ones after they pass away.

The children might have to sell their parents home to clear the loans along with an interest on the loan. The government has said the rate of interest would be nominal and not commercial.

The Daily Mail had revealed few days back, how at least 24,500 homes had to be sold last year to pay for care, up 20 per cent in a decade.
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley hopes the scheme will protect the elderly from the heartache of having to sell their homes during their lifetime.
The scheme is to be published alongside the long-awaited White Paper on care and support. But last night charities attacked the White Paper as a missed opportunity as the vital issue of how the care system should be funded has been postponed until the next Parliament.
The deferred payment scheme would not affect the poor, because they given free care and it is claimed that it would not be intensely felt by the rich because they could afford the charges.
But the middle classes are the ones who will be most affected, because they are most likely to have a house as their main asset and would want to pass its full value on to their children.
A funding progress document, to be published alongside the white paper, would include details of the loan plan and say ministers were attracted to the principle of capping the amount of money people have to pay towards their care, with the state paying the rest. However the deferring of a decision on the setting the cap levels to 2013 or 2014 or the raising of the estimated £1.7billion cost has been termed by the critics as meaningless.
The Coalition’s failure to find a solution to care funding means thousands more will have to sell their homes over the next three years.
The loans, which will be known as ‘universal deferred payments’, are being introduced to allow people to wait before selling their home. Under the present rule housing wealth is not considered for selling until 12 weeks period after someone enters residential care.
However, a sale can be difficult to arrange in this time; and can be stressful when people are frail. Under the new scheme, ministers will set aside a funding pot to pay for the new loans.
Last night Michelle Mitchell, charity director general of charity Age UK, said the government should lift the fear and uncertainty for older people and their families by ensuring that care system is clear and easy to access.



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