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Huge amount of patient data, with NHS would be sold to Pharma companies to develop new medicines

Date: (2 August 2012)    |    

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In a move to help pharmaceutical firms to help develop new drugs to tackle conditions like dementia, millions or medical records of people are going to be sold off to these Pharma companies.
The Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to change the NHS Constitution to allow patients data to be released for research.
The details released would be anonymous which would protect the privacy of individual members of the public by disabling any link to any individual and the patients having the option to opt out.
But civil liberties campaigners warned that the material could end up being abused.
Ministers are keen to promote the pharmaceuticals industry, in which Britain is a world leader.
In a speech to a global health summit in London yesterday, Mr Cameron said that harnessing the ‘incredible knowledge base of the NHS’ could help give Britain a cutting edge.
Drug development depended more and more on real-time data, he said.
The UK was going to be the world leader by making this kind of data available.
But Nick Pickles, director of privacy and civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch, said once the floodgates were opened it would be a matter of time before data was re-identified and used for other purposes.
Health sources insisted that only medical records, and not DNA samples, would be released.
Mr Cameron also confirmed that the anti-doping facilities being used for the Olympics are to be converted into a medical research centre after the Games, ‘combining genetic data with the results of medical tests’ to develop ‘precision medicine’.



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