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If you have used our service, we would like you to spend a few moments to comment upon the service you have received from our lawyers at Duncan Lewis. Please do not include any personal and confidential information about your case. Please however comment upon the service received from the solicitor(s) who assisted you and whether you were satisfied with the service that was provided to you at Duncan Lewis. Do also mention the department and name of the solicitor(s) who advised and assisted you will be helpful. Any suggestions for improvement of our service will also be helpful. Thank you for your time.



Duncan Lewis Blog - Posted By: Mr & Mrs Knight on 21 October 2010 at 18:29

Thank you Duncan Lewis for helping me and my wife, you really helped us a lot. We are an elderly couple who were not getting the support we needed from our local council. You addressed our issues and made sure the right steps were taken to make sure we were looked after. Thank you Duncan Lewis for making my wife and I have a better support network around us in our community.



Duncan Lewis Blog - Posted By: Nicole Trueman on 28 October 2010 at 12:31

Ravinder Brar was very helpful. I have just found the confidence to write about this as she has given me the help and encouragement I need. My partner was abusing me for the past three years and we have 2 children aged 5 and 4. Not only was it hard for me to cope with my ex partner, I cannot imagine what it was likefor my children. My expartner owned the place, I couldn’t leave him as I could not afford a place for my children and I.

I walked into the New Cross Gate Office and met Ravinder. She was very helpful and understanding. I was eligible for legal aid and Ravinder managed to get me help so I had somewhere to go stay and be away from my expartner. I now have accommodation and I am starting to get back on track with life. Thank you Duncan Lewis